spiritual enlightenment

People who have experienced spiritual enlightenment is no longer in the power of life and death, development and disintegration, the success and failure, poverty and wealth , and contemptible.For their honor, even hunger, thirst , hot and cold as that experienced while in the flow of life no longer have power over them. They to have awareness that there is no need for change what they see JUST HOW-see. So they become like water, soft and flexible but power is not restrained, not impose, but will be blessing for all creatures. With their action without the intention others changed, because they freedom, the whole world to be fertile, because they freed from all appetite, others left is not polluted. Water flowed out from rivers to irrigate paddy.water never
gusty whether he is in the river or in person paddy.So person that have experienced mental enlightenment, act and live with soft .. once mighty appropriate command.
So now you have a spiritual enlightenment?


the truth we trust it

If your views are not clear and you live as a blind person in the this world, do not expect your views to become clear after .If want to leave the world clarify the views, want to see how whole truth, start from yourself now.Usually see the truth from all side.With justify the one hand and reject the other hand, we actually understate the truth we trust it.
After viewing the whole truth is the truth go down there.And to enter we must still choose one side.We can not entering from all sides at once in a while time.Wich can we do is in - out.Enter through one side, exit through the other .Enter the side again through a different side and out again ....


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