Facebook is still number one

Though under heavy criticism lately associated system user privacy, Facebook was even more formidable in the virtual domain.

According to data released by Google's web traffic, Friday, May 28, 2010, the world's largest social networking is now visited by 540 million people per month, or more than 35 percent of the population of Internet users.

According to Google Ad Planner global data provided by Double Click, about 570 billion pages on visited by people.

The number was eight times higher than, now in second position. According to Google, just received 490 million visitors per month.

As quoted from the website of The Street, data from Double Click (company data provider for Internet advertisers who recently diakusisis by Facebook) announced the 1000 most visited sites on the Internet.

However, perhaps to maintain objectivity, the Google-owned company, does not include the Google ranking as well as two other Google products: YouTube and Gmail, into the list.

After Facebook and Yahoo, from Microsoft came in third place with 370 million unique visitors and 39 billion page views. Then, followed by Wikipedia,,,,,, and

Forum web site number one from Indonesia, Kaskus, also entered into Google's list of top 1000. Ranked 755, Kaskus harvest 5.1 million unique visitors and 170 million page views.

From the figures obtained, showing that Facebook is the king of social networking sites. While closest rivals, Twitter, April and pocketed 96 million unique visitors and 5.4 billion page views.

These data support the statement that claims that Facebook Facebook has not been abandoned by its members although a number of politicians, consumer groups, and advocates want a more rigorous system of protection for personal information is included in the Facebook account.

Until Friday, only 23 515 people who register on the site 'We're Quitting Facebook' as one form of campaign "throw" social networking service with protests scheduled to be conducted on 31 May.

That number represents less than 0.006 percent of the 400 million-plus members of Facebook. The site launched in 2004 it was checking the privacy controls to face the barrage of criticism and denunciation as destructive beliefs that have made Facebook become the world's largest social network.


Togetherville, Social networking for Kids

A social networking site designed for children ages six to ten years has now officially launched. Palo Alto artificial Togetherville site is expected to reduce anxiety in social networking services.

This free service can provide access of children to take advantage of social networking. Not only that, parents were still able to provide supervision to ensure their children are protected from harm until they are old enough.

"We want to make a good digital citizen,"
"It's worth keeping the kids from the web,"
In these sites, no one can access to the child without the consent of her parents' accounts ..

In it, children can exchange text messages on their account and of course Wall of text that can be written only texts that have been filtered so that they can not use words or less feasible.

In that site, parents can also remind children's school work through the 'bug' in their wall. Not only that, children can also create digital greeting cards, playing games and watching video-sharing. But they can not share links or photos to other sites.

It is unclear whether this site will be successful or not. However, the company that is only three miles from Facebook's office has several partners that can guarantee the security of these sites for kids


What's your Facebook page worth?

There have been many sites that offer services appraisers website. However, the service could not be specifically able to assess the value of a particular page on Facebook

But recently a social media company Vitrue has released a tool called a social page evaluators specifically designed to assess a person or a Facebook page of the brand.

When you are curious about how much the estimated value of your Facebook page, please check the website of Vitrue. Enter your Facebook page url address in the box "Enter the url to a brand's facebook page" and press enter.

After that Vitrue will display the current estimates, the potential for the future, and some statistics had Facebook pages that include the number of fans, how many posts per day, number of interactions, and others.

However, users are able to vary the value of Earned Media Value or (Such ads cost calculation formula Cost Per Mille Impression / CPM), which will affect the value of valuation.

By Fan-tasize features, users can also vary the variable number of fans, engagement, and post per day, so the user can identify and target variables to jacked in order to achieve the desired valuation.
In addition, we can also compare a Facebook Page with three other pages. Vitrue Best Practice also provides a box that could provide useful input to add value to the valuation of facebook pages in the future.

This site also provides updates on changes in the valuation of your Facebook page by email periodically.



Free online site, Wikipedia, was facing the problem of pornography in its service delivery. It's not just about drawing, but the question now is about the actions of Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, which was considered arbitrarily unilaterally remove the picture itself.

As reported by the BBC, Monday (05/10/2010), this problem stems from reports Larry Sanger, Wikipedia founder others whose names are not as famous as Jimmy Wales, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) last April. In his report, accusing the Wikipedia Commons Sanger publish images of child pornography smelly.

Simple increasingly strong pressure on the Fox News telecast about pornography lose coverage in Wikipedia is. A number of important people were commenting from donors remain the Wikipedia Foundation. They were asked to comment whether concerned with the delivery of pornography on Wikipedia.

Later, the manager of the Wikipedia deleted the pictures referred to since last week. In fact, the drawings illustrate evaluated as part of educational media also erased. Wales argued that pictures and illustrations have no educational value at all and too vulgar to display. He even deleted his own part drawings.

Honestly Wales protested decisions of contributors who had been managing the articles on Wikipedia. Some assess these actions are undemocratic and too rushed so that it can be content that no one else be lost.

Not yet clear whether the removal of content is done Wales because of pressures from the outside or other considerations. Simple reportedly going to release the official release to clarify this issue.


Virtual Keyboard from Google

Google embed new technologies
on them search engines, the virtual keyboard
user language other than
English input
keyword search.The idea of presenting the virtual keyboard
integrated with this language services
originated from the input Google's users, where other language users other than English,such as Arabic, often difficulties in using
search engine. Section, letters used different
stated in keyboard. Keyboard present in 35 virtual language. .They allow user input the letters local language for example letters Arabic, without requiring additional special software, in any kind of computer.
Gizmag quoted on Monday
(03/05/2010) virtual keyboard present besides the input box Google and the search will
appear automatically
customize Google language accessed. Keywoard searches can inserted by clicking on the letter desired, the same as when using original keyboard.This virtual keyboard, such as Google mentioned in blog, will also be very help replace the role of the original computer keyboard affected by 'disaster'
"If you do not accidentally I spill coffee on
keyboard, for example, then letters a, e, i, o, u, and r is not can work. Then you could use the keyboard virtual. Difficulty typing user perceived
local languages will also facilitated by these features, "
Google wrote in his blog.
Google also added: virtual keyboard
can only be enjoyed by 35 user languages listed in the list Google.
In the list of languagesThe Arabic language is other
of which there are also language Russian,Czech,Thai,Ukraine, and others."If you want to add list of languages for this service ,please give input to us,"wrote Google.Google hopes,Virtual keyboard help users searching for information easily, especially for language users input the letters other than Latin letters .


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