Waiting for the celebration of 500 million users of Facebook

The world's largest social networks, Facebook preparing to celebrate the number of its members to break the half billion or five hundred million people.

According to tech site TechCrunch, as part of the celebrations, Facebook asks its employees to upload the photos they were celebrating the achievement of that and give thanks to all Facebook users.

According to TechCrunch, Facebook employees is rising all the photos on a site account collaboration and file sharing services Some of them are shown by TechCrunch. also got a glimpse of the source, that Facebook is preparing a massive party to welcome an increasing number of users who are so big.

Since some time ago, several parties are predicting that Facebook has surpassed 500 million figure. In fact, the film The Social Network director David Fincher plots that tell the early establishment of Facebook also choose the tag "You Do not Get to 500 Million A Few Friends Without Making Enemies."

This movie trailer was recently quoted in YahooMovie site. It's just that Facebook is usually done in conjunction with the celebration of events and other important announcements Facebook.

Increasing the number of Facebook users reaching 500 million people, also spelled out very quickly. Previously, Facebook has just announced the number of users as much as 400 million, five months ago. And Facebook also just take five months to reach users increased from 300 million to 400 million people.

In the meantime, Indonesia is the third largest country that uses these social networks under the United States and England. It is estimated that Indonesia would soon occupy the second rank after the United States.


Chrome,IE 8,Opera and Firefox,which is the best?

The most widely used Internet Explorer, but Firefox is still the most popular. Opera is more famous used in mobile devices / smartphones. Meanwhile, Chrome and Safari is only used a "handful" fanatic user. To test the ability which is often done, Firefox is almost always ranked at the top and IE definitely youngest numbers.

Performance: faster browsing
Since the last test, IE8 and Safari do not offer so many versions leaps almost no new features. Meanwhile, Opera 10:50 Beta version looks different from previously tested with the final version of its Opera. Like Firefox and Chrome, Opera technical look and a lot of progress, especially in terms of performance.

When Chrome and Safari winner with a fast-Engine WebKit, Opera is now able to pursue both. Completion of the Rendering-Engine-Engine Presto and JavaScript talking about producing a turbo speed. With Benchmark-Test, Peacekeeper, Safari and even behind

This benchmark test various JavaScript functions that are often used by complex websites. These advantages were also seen while browsing. Opera can display pages faster.

Thanks to Java-Script-Engine V8 better, Chrome is still the fastest. In addition, Google's browser is more efficient to consume resources that give the best overall performance. In this test, Firefox 3.6 did show better results than ever before. However, their performance was no longer stands out compared to other browsers. The slowest browser retained by IE8. However, at least Microsoft's browser uses RAM.

Display: Smoking is not a problem
The browser should not only display web content fast, but also without error. Testing with CSS2.1-Suite from the Web Standards Consortium, W3C, indicate that the browser is not so problematic with the old web standards. From about 7000 tests conducted separately, not many display an error and the difference is not too meaningful.
Conditions are different with the new standard of HTML5 and CSS3. Here, IE8 has a major problem, while other browsers provide excellent support for this specification. Similarly, the Acid3-Test, a test to show the elements of CSS and JavaScript. This new test will be supported by IE at the upcoming Version 9.

However, IE8 quite well with functions, such as the Address Bar that offers more suggestions sorted URLs or Tabs can be grouped into the group. Indeed, features like Quick Info and Web slices have not offered by other browsers. Meanwhile, Firefox 3.6 is not much to offer new features, except the Tab Bar a more optimal and an Integrated Plug-ins-Check, which will report the version of Flash or Java that have not been updated. Renewal likely offered in four versions later.
However, with add-ons are available, you can already feel the Firefox version is coming.
Google itself has taken a big development in Chrome. Currently, the Chrome version 4 already supports about 3,000 add-on that can complete with features such as Chrome AdBlocker or Password Manager.
Plug-ins are more practical than that offered by Opera or IE8. In Opera, the plug-in that it is not necessary because the Opera 10:50 version offers nearly everything needed by the surfer.
New interface is quite impressive. When you are accustomed to, the display may facilitate a user in the surf. In addition, Opera also supports the features of Windows 7 Aero Peek (a previews of all open Tabs on the taskbar) and Jumplist to access websites which are often visited. Previously, only IE8 can do it.

Data Privacy: "hide" while browsing
Opera also make improvements for browser security and integrating the most recent in a Privacy Mode. With this feature, users can surf without saving Opera Cookies or History of websites you have visited. Additionally, Opera offers the most effective option to handle active elements, such as JavaScript or remove the traces of the browser. If Firefox and IE8 offers more options, Safari and Chrome lacking in privacy and security aspects. Reportedly, Google will remove Browser-ID in the upcoming version 4.1. With that ID, the user can be uniquely identified.
The big difference is indicated by the Integrated test-Phishing Filter to block malicious websites. When Firefox, Chrome, and Safari is only able to detect half of phishing websites that are tested, Opera is able to detect approximately 75 percent. The worst results given by the IE8 filter. Than half of the listed websites, the browser is passed instead of four websites that are blocked by other browsers. Two of the website is very dangerous because it threatens even a PC with a virus. Sure troublesome when this happens.


Facebook is the most favorite places to infected files.

According to reports AppRiver, more than ten percent of spam messages that circulated during the last six months, containing malware. In the same period, nearly 45 percent of junk emails that come from Europe.

AppRiver, vendor email and web security home Florida, United States states, the malware via email back to bloom after the last few years to dim. "During the 30 days terakhor, quarantine AppRiver has more than 45 million messages containing the virus," the report AppRiver, as quoted from Softpedia, July 3, 2010.

In total, AppRiver mention, since early 2010, counted 11.2 percent of email spam containing malware and trojans. The most prevalent trojan is the versions of Kryptik or Bredolab. Malware hiding in the PDF file is also included in the list.

From the source side, AppRiver noted that Europe produces 44.7 percent from 26 billion messages to their quarantine in the last six months. "This is not surprising, because according to statistics, half of the 10 largest spam producing countries are the countries of Europe," referred to in its report AppRiver.

Europe itself, followed by Asia with 26.3 percent and South America with 12.4 percent. North America and Australia-Oceania only supply spam as much as 13.9 and 2.3 per cent.

The security researchers also noted that Facebook is the most favorite places to hook the victim perpetrator to open infected files. "During the last six months, we saw a number of trends in which attackers take advantage of Facebook as a sham," said AppRiver.

"Sometimes it is difficult to report any incidents because there are huge numbers and have a high level of similarity that are difficult to distinguish," said AppRiver


Windows 8

Rumours about the existence of Windows 8 had come to the surface, along with the leaking of information from Microsoft's latest operating system is by its employees.

Some preliminary information does mention that Windows 8 will operate on 128-bit, and is said to be released in 2012. This time new information comes from the Italian-language site called Windowsette.

On the page mentioned, they are able to obtain blueprints or concepts that will be adopted by the software giant. Presumably if the leaking of the document was done by the super important people in Microsoft.

From blueprint explanation, as quoted by PC World, Tuesday (29/06/2010), the general Windows 8 will have a start-up speed is much faster and more stable than OS they have ever previously made.

Documents that exist in the form powepoint also mentioned, support for developing high-speed connectivity standards like USB 3.0 and Bluetooth 3.0. And the application of cutting-edge technologies such as face recognition is becoming more sophisticated.

In addition, Windows 8 is likely to support new types of displays, including 3D and wireless HDTV devices. So that makes it easier for users to diagnose and repair the OS disorders.

No comment yet from Microsoft about the circulation of information about new products they are. As we all know, Windows 7 they've just listed have been sold up to 150 million copies


Amazone acquired

I do not know what's on mind of management. The leading online sales sites, buy, a retail site that also sells only one item each day. How strange is not it?

Woot which started operation in 2004, displaying only one item each day and close the service was so sold. On Wednesday (30/06/2010) when Amazon acquired woot officially announced, the goods sold is an iPod Nano 8 GB worth 99.99 U.S. dollars.

With sales of models like that, woot becomes easily recognizable. Currently, 2.75 million registered users in the service. Woot founder, Matt Rutledge was famous eccentric even in announcing the acquisition by Amazon include a video on YouTube featuring a rap song by a group of monkeys.

Although a part of the Amazon, woot will still operate independently as well as an online shoe store Zappos Amazon acquired earlier. Previously, Amazon was already close to the woot and have invested in the company of four million U.S. dollars since 2006.


Google Me Challanging Facebook ?

Google's desire to become the Internet giant, apparently not only limited to search engines alone. Apparently they also want to control almost all fronts, including social networking service.

All know, the current king of social networking is still held by Facebook, which has 500 million users until the account. Google, of course feel challenged to create a similar network services, for stop the hegemony of the artificial sites such Mark Zuckberg.

According to a rumor, Google was preparing a new social networking platform called Google Me.
The news itself is quite busy talking , after Digg founder Kevin Rose's site, which cited Gizmodo, Monday (28/06/2010) claim to obtain reliable information sources that mention Google Me is a new social networking features of the California based company.

If this rumor is true, of course there are people who enjoy, even if not a few who doubt it. Therefore, one feature in Gmail, Google Buzz is not so successful, even though the service is a type of social networking platforms.


New Display and Features on Digg

Aggregate site Digg, planning a major overhaul of its site on the display and adds some new features at the end of 2010. Today Digg is doing tests done to a number of content providers and publishers a number of users to obtain feedback and criticism.

One feature that digg is tested to make such a ranking for each news that is raised. Later Digg users can post comments and also can provide assessment of the posting of the article.

Selected articles to the front page of Digg often attract the attention of readers so that web traffic becomes too noisy other than that the reader can actively discuss each article is posted. Users can select articles through the website or by using the tool Digg located in many sites.

Telegraph, Thursday (01/07/2010), launch, new design Digg is claimed to be more fresh, simple, and more easily than existing designs.

The main change that is brought Digg is a feature that allows a user to create personalized news feeds via My feature News and Top News. Both can be filtered by date and topic. Additionally users can also split between the pictures and video. Not only that, users can also import your personal contact info from Twitter Facebook and Google.


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