Waiting for the celebration of 500 million users of Facebook

The world's largest social networks, Facebook preparing to celebrate the number of its members to break the half billion or five hundred million people.

According to tech site TechCrunch, as part of the celebrations, Facebook asks its employees to upload the photos they were celebrating the achievement of that and give thanks to all Facebook users.

According to TechCrunch, Facebook employees is rising all the photos on a site account collaboration and file sharing services Some of them are shown by TechCrunch. also got a glimpse of the source, that Facebook is preparing a massive party to welcome an increasing number of users who are so big.

Since some time ago, several parties are predicting that Facebook has surpassed 500 million figure. In fact, the film The Social Network director David Fincher plots that tell the early establishment of Facebook also choose the tag "You Do not Get to 500 Million A Few Friends Without Making Enemies."

This movie trailer was recently quoted in YahooMovie site. It's just that Facebook is usually done in conjunction with the celebration of events and other important announcements Facebook.

Increasing the number of Facebook users reaching 500 million people, also spelled out very quickly. Previously, Facebook has just announced the number of users as much as 400 million, five months ago. And Facebook also just take five months to reach users increased from 300 million to 400 million people.

In the meantime, Indonesia is the third largest country that uses these social networks under the United States and England. It is estimated that Indonesia would soon occupy the second rank after the United States.


Chrome,IE 8,Opera and Firefox,which is the best?

The most widely used Internet Explorer, but Firefox is still the most popular. Opera is more famous used in mobile devices / smartphones. Meanwhile, Chrome and Safari is only used a "handful" fanatic user. To test the ability which is often done, Firefox is almost always ranked at the top and IE definitely youngest numbers.

Performance: faster browsing
Since the last test, IE8 and Safari do not offer so many versions leaps almost no new features. Meanwhile, Opera 10:50 Beta version looks different from previously tested with the final version of its Opera. Like Firefox and Chrome, Opera technical look and a lot of progress, especially in terms of performance.

When Chrome and Safari winner with a fast-Engine WebKit, Opera is now able to pursue both. Completion of the Rendering-Engine-Engine Presto and JavaScript talking about producing a turbo speed. With Benchmark-Test, Peacekeeper, Safari and even behind

This benchmark test various JavaScript functions that are often used by complex websites. These advantages were also seen while browsing. Opera can display pages faster.

Thanks to Java-Script-Engine V8 better, Chrome is still the fastest. In addition, Google's browser is more efficient to consume resources that give the best overall performance. In this test, Firefox 3.6 did show better results than ever before. However, their performance was no longer stands out compared to other browsers. The slowest browser retained by IE8. However, at least Microsoft's browser uses RAM.

Display: Smoking is not a problem
The browser should not only display web content fast, but also without error. Testing with CSS2.1-Suite from the Web Standards Consortium, W3C, indicate that the browser is not so problematic with the old web standards. From about 7000 tests conducted separately, not many display an error and the difference is not too meaningful.
Conditions are different with the new standard of HTML5 and CSS3. Here, IE8 has a major problem, while other browsers provide excellent support for this specification. Similarly, the Acid3-Test, a test to show the elements of CSS and JavaScript. This new test will be supported by IE at the upcoming Version 9.

However, IE8 quite well with functions, such as the Address Bar that offers more suggestions sorted URLs or Tabs can be grouped into the group. Indeed, features like Quick Info and Web slices have not offered by other browsers. Meanwhile, Firefox 3.6 is not much to offer new features, except the Tab Bar a more optimal and an Integrated Plug-ins-Check, which will report the version of Flash or Java that have not been updated. Renewal likely offered in four versions later.
However, with add-ons are available, you can already feel the Firefox version is coming.
Google itself has taken a big development in Chrome. Currently, the Chrome version 4 already supports about 3,000 add-on that can complete with features such as Chrome AdBlocker or Password Manager.
Plug-ins are more practical than that offered by Opera or IE8. In Opera, the plug-in that it is not necessary because the Opera 10:50 version offers nearly everything needed by the surfer.
New interface is quite impressive. When you are accustomed to, the display may facilitate a user in the surf. In addition, Opera also supports the features of Windows 7 Aero Peek (a previews of all open Tabs on the taskbar) and Jumplist to access websites which are often visited. Previously, only IE8 can do it.

Data Privacy: "hide" while browsing
Opera also make improvements for browser security and integrating the most recent in a Privacy Mode. With this feature, users can surf without saving Opera Cookies or History of websites you have visited. Additionally, Opera offers the most effective option to handle active elements, such as JavaScript or remove the traces of the browser. If Firefox and IE8 offers more options, Safari and Chrome lacking in privacy and security aspects. Reportedly, Google will remove Browser-ID in the upcoming version 4.1. With that ID, the user can be uniquely identified.
The big difference is indicated by the Integrated test-Phishing Filter to block malicious websites. When Firefox, Chrome, and Safari is only able to detect half of phishing websites that are tested, Opera is able to detect approximately 75 percent. The worst results given by the IE8 filter. Than half of the listed websites, the browser is passed instead of four websites that are blocked by other browsers. Two of the website is very dangerous because it threatens even a PC with a virus. Sure troublesome when this happens.


Facebook is the most favorite places to infected files.

According to reports AppRiver, more than ten percent of spam messages that circulated during the last six months, containing malware. In the same period, nearly 45 percent of junk emails that come from Europe.

AppRiver, vendor email and web security home Florida, United States states, the malware via email back to bloom after the last few years to dim. "During the 30 days terakhor, quarantine AppRiver has more than 45 million messages containing the virus," the report AppRiver, as quoted from Softpedia, July 3, 2010.

In total, AppRiver mention, since early 2010, counted 11.2 percent of email spam containing malware and trojans. The most prevalent trojan is the versions of Kryptik or Bredolab. Malware hiding in the PDF file is also included in the list.

From the source side, AppRiver noted that Europe produces 44.7 percent from 26 billion messages to their quarantine in the last six months. "This is not surprising, because according to statistics, half of the 10 largest spam producing countries are the countries of Europe," referred to in its report AppRiver.

Europe itself, followed by Asia with 26.3 percent and South America with 12.4 percent. North America and Australia-Oceania only supply spam as much as 13.9 and 2.3 per cent.

The security researchers also noted that Facebook is the most favorite places to hook the victim perpetrator to open infected files. "During the last six months, we saw a number of trends in which attackers take advantage of Facebook as a sham," said AppRiver.

"Sometimes it is difficult to report any incidents because there are huge numbers and have a high level of similarity that are difficult to distinguish," said AppRiver


Windows 8

Rumours about the existence of Windows 8 had come to the surface, along with the leaking of information from Microsoft's latest operating system is by its employees.

Some preliminary information does mention that Windows 8 will operate on 128-bit, and is said to be released in 2012. This time new information comes from the Italian-language site called Windowsette.

On the page mentioned, they are able to obtain blueprints or concepts that will be adopted by the software giant. Presumably if the leaking of the document was done by the super important people in Microsoft.

From blueprint explanation, as quoted by PC World, Tuesday (29/06/2010), the general Windows 8 will have a start-up speed is much faster and more stable than OS they have ever previously made.

Documents that exist in the form powepoint also mentioned, support for developing high-speed connectivity standards like USB 3.0 and Bluetooth 3.0. And the application of cutting-edge technologies such as face recognition is becoming more sophisticated.

In addition, Windows 8 is likely to support new types of displays, including 3D and wireless HDTV devices. So that makes it easier for users to diagnose and repair the OS disorders.

No comment yet from Microsoft about the circulation of information about new products they are. As we all know, Windows 7 they've just listed have been sold up to 150 million copies


Amazone acquired

I do not know what's on mind of management. The leading online sales sites, buy, a retail site that also sells only one item each day. How strange is not it?

Woot which started operation in 2004, displaying only one item each day and close the service was so sold. On Wednesday (30/06/2010) when Amazon acquired woot officially announced, the goods sold is an iPod Nano 8 GB worth 99.99 U.S. dollars.

With sales of models like that, woot becomes easily recognizable. Currently, 2.75 million registered users in the service. Woot founder, Matt Rutledge was famous eccentric even in announcing the acquisition by Amazon include a video on YouTube featuring a rap song by a group of monkeys.

Although a part of the Amazon, woot will still operate independently as well as an online shoe store Zappos Amazon acquired earlier. Previously, Amazon was already close to the woot and have invested in the company of four million U.S. dollars since 2006.


Google Me Challanging Facebook ?

Google's desire to become the Internet giant, apparently not only limited to search engines alone. Apparently they also want to control almost all fronts, including social networking service.

All know, the current king of social networking is still held by Facebook, which has 500 million users until the account. Google, of course feel challenged to create a similar network services, for stop the hegemony of the artificial sites such Mark Zuckberg.

According to a rumor, Google was preparing a new social networking platform called Google Me.
The news itself is quite busy talking , after Digg founder Kevin Rose's site, which cited Gizmodo, Monday (28/06/2010) claim to obtain reliable information sources that mention Google Me is a new social networking features of the California based company.

If this rumor is true, of course there are people who enjoy, even if not a few who doubt it. Therefore, one feature in Gmail, Google Buzz is not so successful, even though the service is a type of social networking platforms.


New Display and Features on Digg

Aggregate site Digg, planning a major overhaul of its site on the display and adds some new features at the end of 2010. Today Digg is doing tests done to a number of content providers and publishers a number of users to obtain feedback and criticism.

One feature that digg is tested to make such a ranking for each news that is raised. Later Digg users can post comments and also can provide assessment of the posting of the article.

Selected articles to the front page of Digg often attract the attention of readers so that web traffic becomes too noisy other than that the reader can actively discuss each article is posted. Users can select articles through the website or by using the tool Digg located in many sites.

Telegraph, Thursday (01/07/2010), launch, new design Digg is claimed to be more fresh, simple, and more easily than existing designs.

The main change that is brought Digg is a feature that allows a user to create personalized news feeds via My feature News and Top News. Both can be filtered by date and topic. Additionally users can also split between the pictures and video. Not only that, users can also import your personal contact info from Twitter Facebook and Google.


Firefox 3.6.4 trouble with Farmville

Only a few days after the Firefox 3.6.4 released to the public, rush to update the Mozilla browser and the release of version 3.6.6. Apparently, version 3.6.4 Farmville fans protested the game because the stub feature on Facebook.

In Firefox version 3.6.4, Mozilla is adding features 'out-of-process plug-ins' (OOPP). OOPP is a feature designed to protect the browser to continue running when the crash occurred on a plugin.

If Flash Player plugin types, Quick Time or Silverlight experience crashes or does not respond for more than 10 seconds, then the Firefox 3.6.4 will display a message informing that the browser has turned off the plugin. But apparently this OOPP features cause problems in some users.

"After the release of Firefox 3.6.4, we heard from some users, especially those using older computers, they expect a longer time when the plugin does not provide a response, especially when they're playing games," wrote the director of Firefox, Mike Beltzner, the blog Mozilla official.

"They felt the default time limit of 10 seconds was too short," he added.

"Fifefox 3.6.4 has been released and we see more and more reports that some users can not play because of Farmville Farmville cause the browser hangs for a long time and trigger us off," said Mozilla developer, Justin Dolske.

Then what is the solution? Users are welcome to update Firefox to version 3.6.6 which has a longer time limit, namely 45 seconds. Simply download the new edition or by selecting 'Check for Updates' from the menu 'Help' in the browser.

Another solution, as quoted from Computer World, Wednesday (06/30/2010), is to disable OOPP. This step will turn off crash protection features which are owned by Firefox.


The China's letter become internet address

After a long process, the China's letter could be used eventually become internet address. Proposals to create a domain from Taiwan, China and Hong Kong have been approved ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), the agency that regulates Internet addresses worldwide.

Internet domain manager in China, CINIC (China Internet Network Information Center) to register a domain with two letters of traditional China and China is simple. So also with the domain pengeloal in Taiwan, the Taiwan Network Information Center. While the Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited filed only one domain address.

"This decision represents an important change for users of Language of China in the world. One fifth of world population use Languages of China and it means we have increased the potential of who accessed online as much as one billion people," said Rod Beckstorm, CEO of ICANN, told Ars Technica. Given expected to address China's internet web lettered increasingly familiar and easily accessible local residents who daily language of China.

Until the years since the Internet is used, the web address it knows only Latin letters. New initiative to allow the use of ICANN's other letters started two years ago after the technical preparations have been completed.

China became the second letter following the addition of Latin could be used as a website address. The first letter other than Latin had to get permission to use the Arabic alphabet and begin early 2010. There are three countries that have been allowed to use the address in Arabic characters namely Egypt, of Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

The decision was taken in the ICANN board meeting in Brussels, Belgium, Friday (6/25/2010) ago. During the meeting, ICANN also decided to approve the proposal to continue the preparation of domain formation. XXX is designed to park porn sites


1,000 Twitter accounts that fall victim to an attack

F-Secure observe a peculiarity in mikroblogging popular Twitter service. There are 1,000 more accounts that appear to be victims of burglary.

It was announced by Mikko Hypponen, Chief Research Officer of the antivirus company F-Secure, the official blog of the F-Secure.

"Over the last 12 hours, there are more than 1,000 Twitter accounts that fall victim to an attack using an unknown," wrote Mikko.

Symptoms taxable account that this attack is to send a Tweet read 'Hacked by Turkish Hackers'. By Mikko, most of which fall victim was the owner of the account of Israel.

Not yet clear what methods the attackers in this action. But Mikko suspect, there is Phishing attacks for Twitter users in Hebrew.


Storage Online Skydrive for Hotmail

Hotmail is a massive change. User directed to use the storage and online sharing service owned by Microsoft's SkyDrive.

Through e-mail service that has been updated, you can submit 200 documents into the cloud Microsoft's 50MB size along with 200 photographs, each of which may be sized 50MB. Documents may be sent a PowerPoint presentation and video.

To file photo, online album will be created in SkyDrive. E-mail-e-mail sent to the closest colleagues and friends taulan to comment on the photos of your holiday will give them access to cloud the image file. While the photos received in e-mail can be viewed automatically. So there will be no malware issue here.

Not much changes for desktop access to Hotmail. There is a summary page that allows you to not see the spam, until you actually get into your inbox. Also available is a tab to access the folders for contacts that you'd have to mark it as a contact or a "social group" for all your playing partner Farmville.
Hotmail is also made to make it more friendly for smart phones.

In Windows Live Hotmail blog entry, program manager Dick Craddock writes, "mobile Inbox supports filters, in-line message preview, HTML messages, e-mail offline viewing, conversation threading, the ability to flag messages, option to show or hide the detail message header, and others. You also can manage the invitations received from Hotmail, set reminders (reminders), collect a lot of calendars, or various calendars with your friends and family, and do it all from your phone's web browser. "


Anti Vuvuzela Filter

Whoosh sound like a horde of bees during the World Cup match in 2010 that generated blast vuvuzela African musical instruments typical of many viewers complained. Somebody suggested that just entered the stadium vuvuzela prohibited, but firmly rejected by FIFA with the accompaniment of the reasons it gives its own color for the first World Cup in Africa.

Now, if you get annoyed with the sound vuvuzela, how do I fix this? There is an online service that began offering filters anti vuvuzela sound. Filter that is claimed to be able to eliminate vuvuzela voice on television that sells for 2.95 euros, or about USD 35 000.

In form of audio files in MP3 format which are both out the sounds. However, the voice that issued the filter is said to have been designed to produce sound vuvuzela eliminate interference.

"Simply download the MP3 relievers vuvuzela noise, which we designed specifically and run it on your audio system at home, computer, iPod, iPhone, and others," wrote an introduction on the website. Added course selection was the quality depends on the surrounding circumstances, but in the best conditions the results can really create an atmosphere of silence with no sound at all.

However, the presence of anti vuvuzela filter does not make a surprise physicist at Rhode University, South Africa, Anthony Sullivan. He mentions it only marketing tricks and buyers simply wasting money.

"Removal of noise is very dependent position. You will not get what was promised," he said. According to him, the best way to overcome vuvuzela voice for anyone who disturbed very easily. Just switch off your television voice!


Facebook's privacy

Facebook's privacy settings have become hotly debated in recent weeks. With the announcement made Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's Chief Executive Officer will be hoping a wave of criticism and protests would subside.

"This time we do a lot of changes at one time,"
"We want to simplify control, and input from users is very valuable to us,"

Facebook is now implementing a simple control for users to all their information and data. With a few clicks, users can modify all the settings and change is also retroactive. The change also applies to products or services that will be released later today.

When you open your privacy settings page, the privacy settings you currently use will appear. Privacy settings will not be automatically changed to the recommended setting.

Users simply click on one button (Everyone, Friends of Friends, or Friends-only) in the left column to block or open all the information for that user groups. Users can also choose what information will be open for certain user groups.

If you choose the recommended settings, status, photographs, post, bio, favorite quotes, family, and the status of your relationship can be seen by everyone. The personal contact information is set to be able to be viewed only by friends only.

With more control over this simple, Facebook sure users will have no trouble. Still, of course, not all users will be satisfied by the new privacy options such Facebook

Founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, said today nearly 500 million users of Facebook will more easily control their personal data, such as: age, sex, friends, and even pictures.

"Many of us try to do in recent weeks," said Zuckerberg at a news conference.

Going forward, Facebook users need only one easy step to manage their privacy. "Feedback from users is very rapid. We know that the simplification of this control should be done," he said.

Privacy settings in Facebook before forcing the user must adjust so many settings and options are valued difficult.

This decision was taken after officials Facebook conduct internal meetings at their headquarters in Palo Alto.

Facebook faced harsh criticism after many users suffered a series of leaks their private data. Those cases were made public users do not know how to share their information on Facebook. Many of them threatened to stop using Facebook as of May 31 this


Virtual Vuvuzela

Vuvuzela middle became a byword since the 2010 World Cup begins. African traditional musical instrument that triggered a noisy debate because of his voice. People who are not happy to be disturbed like bees buzzing sound produced by blowing a lot vuvuzela spectators during a match from the stands. In fact, there is suggesting that just entered the stadium vuvuzela prohibited.

Approximately vuvuzela whether the ban will solve the problem? Not necessarily. Many spectators are just happy hubbub over to watch the game immediately so that a variety of musical instruments and anything else that can generate sound naturally try to bring into the stadium somehow.

In fact, without any spectators vuvuzela could have made the sound "buzzing bee" with virtual vuvuzela. For example, with the help of vuvuzela in iPhone applications. With the application, blowing into the microphone will produce a sound like bees buzzing as generated vuvuzela.

In the list of existing applications on the Apple App Store, many applications that generate vuvuzela choice today. There are at least 11 applications that can be selected as an alternative. The most popular application is Vuvuzela 2010 which until now has been downloaded 750 000 times. Other Applications Virtual Vuvuzela, Vuvuzela, Vuvuzela Championship Free, and so forth.

Not only for the iPhone, applications were available for the device vuvuzela Android platform. For instance, issued Softonik. It is not possible application developers are now competing to make similar applications for different platforms as considering the popularity vuvuzela controversy.

Suggested vuvuzela prohibited from entering the stadium should be rolling, but in fact FIFA is unlikely to agree. Both the local organization in South Africa and FIFA President Sepp Blater game even supports the hubbub generated as an accompaniment to a typical blast vuvuzela Africa during the World Cup in 2010. Vuvuzela a cell phone might make the atmosphere at home watching football or watching together like in South Africa. So, you live disturbed or not.


Bing would remove Google from iphone 4G/HD?

Microsoft reportedly was busy lobbying for Apple. It is said that this effort to get rid of the default system Google search on mobile phones iPhone 4G/HD future.

These rumors continue to grow in various sites and blogs before the event takes place yearly Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2010) that this year Apple held in San Moscone West, San Francisco, 7-11 June.

Many were speculating, Google's coup reasons, either because they developed the Android business the company began a big business and undermine Apple applications.

But on the other hand, not so easy to remove Google from Apple products. Many existing core iPhone applications under Google's control, such as search, maps, and of course: YouTube.
So far Google can maintain its search engine - search and advertising - and become the default in the iPhone, none other than Apple for daring to pay U.S. $ 100 million for the contract year.

With that much money, of course, Apple will still stick with Google. Unless, Microsoft dare pay more, or at least equal in number.

The rumors were probably not entirely correct. For according to Kara Swisher, The Wall Street Journal journalist from San Francisco bureau, writes that the approach taken so that none other than Microsoft's search engine can be a third option in the iPhone - not a replacement for Google.

As is known, other than Google, so there is also Yahoo's search engine second option in the iPhone. Bing wants Microsoft to be one of the options. In addition, the company is now led by Steve Ballmer wants to map existing in the Bing could be more integrated with the iPhone.

But who knows, it could be rumor or gossip just facts pending. Reportedly, all the facts will be revealed at Apple WWDC 2010 held next month.


Background Google Search

Since it first emerged as a service to search engines, the front page of Google's site is almost no significant change. Shown with the impression of a minimalist white background. Occasionally, its logo replaceable with a unique design based on events that are happening or commonly called Doodle.

But, starting Thursday (06/10/2010) afternoon, the front page of the Google experience major changes. Suddenly there was a full image into the background search site such as a wallpaper on your desktop computer. Even if not out the picture, Google added a sentence in the Web page about the new features follows the link.

Apparently, Google is now allowing visitors to change-change the background display on the front page of its website. To do so click the link "change the background image" and will display a box to arrange it. Visitors can replace the background image on the display instead of the four options, from the pictures stored on their computers, from the list in Picasa's online services, from the public gallery, as well as from Google's editors choice.

Even if do not like the pictures that are too busy and want to keep the look clean, remove it. Cool right?


More Connect with Microsoft Office 2010

More advanced than Microsoft Office 2007, Office 2010 comes with Microsoft Office Web Apps technology that allows users to work virtually anywhere by connecting your PC, mobile phones and the internet. With technology, Web Apps, users can share documents from PC to mobile phones and browsers, or vice versa without changing the look and feel of the document.

"We're very concerned the possible loss of content,"
"If we put pictures in Power Point, who automatically ribbon that appears on images, edit images,"
In addition, Word, PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Outlook and OneNote in Office 2010 is equipped ribbon that adjusts the user needs.

Interestingly again, there are additional social features of the new connector to Microsoft Outlook, presents a history of communication and updates from social networks directly into Outlook. Microsoft Outlook 2010 also allows users to classify incoming email based on sender's name with less features conversation view. Microsoft Word also progressed with the Backstage features.

By clicking on the file icon, will appear back stage of the page that displays data about the document, print the menu, save and send, and other menus.
"On the back stage is no menu to save and share web to share, and automatically stored in Windows Live. Can shared in PDF," .

In addition, with PowerPoint 2010, users can edit pictures and writings, and video directly facilitated with ribbon.

We can edit the videos, duration, color, just click on the color choice of ribbon connate. For Excel, Office 2010 adds features to describe Sparklines trends and data as appropriate. Data can be directly expressed in any form including tables, graphs, pie charts, and others just a click away. Special application, OneNote 2010 allows users to arrange images, video, audio, in a OneNote page. Plus, users can count on OneNote.

Just live type 5 * 123 = and press enter, then it will be right out. As for Microsoft Office 2010 can be enjoyed by consumers after the official launch on June 15. After that, customers who purchase Office 2007 and activates in the period 5 March to 30 September can be a free upgrade to Office 2010 by going to the yard office.


Office 2010 on June 15

Microsoft will launch Microsoft Office 2010 to consumers worldwide simultaneously on June 15. Official Launch of the complete Microsoft Office 2010 Office 2010 beta version which was previously circulated.

"Simultaneously, office 2010 already on stores, distributors, including a laptop that has been attached to his office,"

Microsoft Office 2010 and its beta version became the most successful because with Office 2010 users can easily connect desktop, Internet, and mobile phones.

"Interestingly, you can feel the power, the possibility of connectivity between PCs, mobile phones and browsers. With Office 2010 users to share content from PCs to mobile phones and browsers or vice versa without changing the content view at all ..

In addition, Microsoft Office 2010 products are sold in two forms namely in the form Key Card for a PC that does not have a DVD so that users can still easily and quickly installed, and the form of a full product package that allows for all types of PCs.

In the market later, there are three types of Office 2010 that is Office Home and Student for student and home use, Office Home and Business for business, and Office Professional for computer professionals and other activists.

"Of these three, Micosoft not target which is more popular. All the same potential, but perhaps more famous, home and student, cheaper, and can be used three computers,"


Safari 5

In between the launch of Apple iPhone 4, at a meeting Apple's biggest developers, the 2010 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in California, Apple also introduced new versions of Web browsers, Safari 5.

Apple's Safari 5 claimed Apple had 30 percent faster performance than Safari 4. In fact, the electronics company that Steve Jobs was raised from 34 years ago that dared to claim the speed of Safari can be two-five times faster than Mozilla Firefox 3.6 and three per cent faster than Google Chrome 5.0.

According to Cnet page, the speed can be achieved because of Apple's Safari 5 adopts DNS prefetching, which is explained technique addresses or domains in the tabulation of Web addresses, much like looking in search engines.

Reportedly, not only supported by Google, for this technology, Apple also took Microsoft Bing DNS prefetching to speed up the process. In addition, in the course, speed is aided by an increase or improvised Safari's JavaScript engine, that is Nitro.

In addition to relying on speed, there are a number of new features embedded in the company's Macintosh creator of the brand new browser. For example, Safari Reader, which can shorten an article with Bing support. Features designed to maximize the reading room, good for one page or several articles (multiple).

Other features, Safari 5 also has support HTML5 browsers to improve performance when reading HTML code. But this is not a new feature, for Firefox, Chrome, and Opera had already adopted it. With HTML5, Safari 5 can display full-screen video, geo-location, drag & drop, until WebSocket.

Interestingly, this time Apple gave Safari developer tools that allow developers any more free to add features and functions on the Safari browser 5. Not only that, browser performance is also accelerated when operated on Microsoft Windows.

Safari 5, with a capacity of 31 MB, it can be downloaded starting today via the link below. However, for the condition, at least you have a PC operating system Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista, or Windows 7. Meanwhile, for the processor and memory, your PC is powered by a minimum of 500 MHz Pentium-class processor and 256MB RAM. (Art)


Facebook is still number one

Though under heavy criticism lately associated system user privacy, Facebook was even more formidable in the virtual domain.

According to data released by Google's web traffic, Friday, May 28, 2010, the world's largest social networking is now visited by 540 million people per month, or more than 35 percent of the population of Internet users.

According to Google Ad Planner global data provided by Double Click, about 570 billion pages on visited by people.

The number was eight times higher than, now in second position. According to Google, just received 490 million visitors per month.

As quoted from the website of The Street, data from Double Click (company data provider for Internet advertisers who recently diakusisis by Facebook) announced the 1000 most visited sites on the Internet.

However, perhaps to maintain objectivity, the Google-owned company, does not include the Google ranking as well as two other Google products: YouTube and Gmail, into the list.

After Facebook and Yahoo, from Microsoft came in third place with 370 million unique visitors and 39 billion page views. Then, followed by Wikipedia,,,,,, and

Forum web site number one from Indonesia, Kaskus, also entered into Google's list of top 1000. Ranked 755, Kaskus harvest 5.1 million unique visitors and 170 million page views.

From the figures obtained, showing that Facebook is the king of social networking sites. While closest rivals, Twitter, April and pocketed 96 million unique visitors and 5.4 billion page views.

These data support the statement that claims that Facebook Facebook has not been abandoned by its members although a number of politicians, consumer groups, and advocates want a more rigorous system of protection for personal information is included in the Facebook account.

Until Friday, only 23 515 people who register on the site 'We're Quitting Facebook' as one form of campaign "throw" social networking service with protests scheduled to be conducted on 31 May.

That number represents less than 0.006 percent of the 400 million-plus members of Facebook. The site launched in 2004 it was checking the privacy controls to face the barrage of criticism and denunciation as destructive beliefs that have made Facebook become the world's largest social network.


Togetherville, Social networking for Kids

A social networking site designed for children ages six to ten years has now officially launched. Palo Alto artificial Togetherville site is expected to reduce anxiety in social networking services.

This free service can provide access of children to take advantage of social networking. Not only that, parents were still able to provide supervision to ensure their children are protected from harm until they are old enough.

"We want to make a good digital citizen,"
"It's worth keeping the kids from the web,"
In these sites, no one can access to the child without the consent of her parents' accounts ..

In it, children can exchange text messages on their account and of course Wall of text that can be written only texts that have been filtered so that they can not use words or less feasible.

In that site, parents can also remind children's school work through the 'bug' in their wall. Not only that, children can also create digital greeting cards, playing games and watching video-sharing. But they can not share links or photos to other sites.

It is unclear whether this site will be successful or not. However, the company that is only three miles from Facebook's office has several partners that can guarantee the security of these sites for kids


What's your Facebook page worth?

There have been many sites that offer services appraisers website. However, the service could not be specifically able to assess the value of a particular page on Facebook

But recently a social media company Vitrue has released a tool called a social page evaluators specifically designed to assess a person or a Facebook page of the brand.

When you are curious about how much the estimated value of your Facebook page, please check the website of Vitrue. Enter your Facebook page url address in the box "Enter the url to a brand's facebook page" and press enter.

After that Vitrue will display the current estimates, the potential for the future, and some statistics had Facebook pages that include the number of fans, how many posts per day, number of interactions, and others.

However, users are able to vary the value of Earned Media Value or (Such ads cost calculation formula Cost Per Mille Impression / CPM), which will affect the value of valuation.

By Fan-tasize features, users can also vary the variable number of fans, engagement, and post per day, so the user can identify and target variables to jacked in order to achieve the desired valuation.
In addition, we can also compare a Facebook Page with three other pages. Vitrue Best Practice also provides a box that could provide useful input to add value to the valuation of facebook pages in the future.

This site also provides updates on changes in the valuation of your Facebook page by email periodically.



Free online site, Wikipedia, was facing the problem of pornography in its service delivery. It's not just about drawing, but the question now is about the actions of Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, which was considered arbitrarily unilaterally remove the picture itself.

As reported by the BBC, Monday (05/10/2010), this problem stems from reports Larry Sanger, Wikipedia founder others whose names are not as famous as Jimmy Wales, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) last April. In his report, accusing the Wikipedia Commons Sanger publish images of child pornography smelly.

Simple increasingly strong pressure on the Fox News telecast about pornography lose coverage in Wikipedia is. A number of important people were commenting from donors remain the Wikipedia Foundation. They were asked to comment whether concerned with the delivery of pornography on Wikipedia.

Later, the manager of the Wikipedia deleted the pictures referred to since last week. In fact, the drawings illustrate evaluated as part of educational media also erased. Wales argued that pictures and illustrations have no educational value at all and too vulgar to display. He even deleted his own part drawings.

Honestly Wales protested decisions of contributors who had been managing the articles on Wikipedia. Some assess these actions are undemocratic and too rushed so that it can be content that no one else be lost.

Not yet clear whether the removal of content is done Wales because of pressures from the outside or other considerations. Simple reportedly going to release the official release to clarify this issue.


Virtual Keyboard from Google

Google embed new technologies
on them search engines, the virtual keyboard
user language other than
English input
keyword search.The idea of presenting the virtual keyboard
integrated with this language services
originated from the input Google's users, where other language users other than English,such as Arabic, often difficulties in using
search engine. Section, letters used different
stated in keyboard. Keyboard present in 35 virtual language. .They allow user input the letters local language for example letters Arabic, without requiring additional special software, in any kind of computer.
Gizmag quoted on Monday
(03/05/2010) virtual keyboard present besides the input box Google and the search will
appear automatically
customize Google language accessed. Keywoard searches can inserted by clicking on the letter desired, the same as when using original keyboard.This virtual keyboard, such as Google mentioned in blog, will also be very help replace the role of the original computer keyboard affected by 'disaster'
"If you do not accidentally I spill coffee on
keyboard, for example, then letters a, e, i, o, u, and r is not can work. Then you could use the keyboard virtual. Difficulty typing user perceived
local languages will also facilitated by these features, "
Google wrote in his blog.
Google also added: virtual keyboard
can only be enjoyed by 35 user languages listed in the list Google.
In the list of languagesThe Arabic language is other
of which there are also language Russian,Czech,Thai,Ukraine, and others."If you want to add list of languages for this service ,please give input to us,"wrote Google.Google hopes,Virtual keyboard help users searching for information easily, especially for language users input the letters other than Latin letters .


YouTube dressing

YouTube dressing. To make it more appealing, a video sharing site owned by Google is releasing substantial design changes, which aims to create a cozy view of the user.

YouTube engineers say they modify the site by studying the habits of people in accessing YouTube. Some features changed much more simple. The new design was tested since January on 10 percent of YouTube users, but only officially launched today to all users.

One feature that is removed is fun user ranking on a previous video that uses the sign of 5 stars. This time, there are only two thumb marks 'like' and 'dislike' below video.

Also there is a change when I saw the video. Users now can only choose the size of the video only and video quality is automatically determined by YouTube. Whereas the recommended video list on the right screen, longer than the previous.

Currently, each user on average saw a video over 15 minutes per day on YouTube. YouTube Party apparently wants to extend the duration so as to make new designs to make accessed more at home.

According to Shiva Rajaraman, Senior Product Manager for Google, that goal can be attained with the YouTube web pages simpler.

"We're trying to gather information in one place and hide the things that are less important


Finally, Google can focus to make the Buzz a threat to Twitter and Facebook.

In an effort to address mounting criticism about privacy issues in Google's Buzz, the search engine giant will ask the user to confirm Buzz or change their privacy settings tomorrow.

In a statement which will be announced soon, Google will recognize that they are not doing things properly. As a result, a number of improvements privacy issues arise since Buzz was launched.

However, many users are not affected by this change because they do not activate Google Buzz privacy issues before the update was presented.

To fix the above problem, tomorrow Google will ask the user to confirm Buzz or alter Google's Buzz. Improvements will be presented in stages starting tomorrow, but all users will eventually be redirected to a confirmation page when they went into the Buzz.

Although Buzz settings page is not a new page, but by asking the user to change the privacy settings, Google has made the right step. Users will know that they can actually make the changes.

In addition, although the steps that Google do not improve the image of Buzz is already damaged in the eyes of some users, at least this will reduce the criticism that appears. After that, Google can focus on the larger problem, namely making Buzz a threat to Twitter and Facebook.


Page Rank

Understanding the
Basics of Page Rank

By Paul Marshall (c) 2010 Strategic Web Marketing Net

Featured Video: Web Page Copy Writing - Content Optimization

You've just built your website and you want to show up on the search
engines. You start reading about SEO and one of the first things that
jumps out at you is something called "Google PageRank." You know about
the big dog of the search engines, but what is PageRank and why is it
important in what you're trying to do?

Any good marketing coach can explain that easily. If your site is
placing high in free (organic) search results, you're getting free
advertising. Notice the word "free." That's always a good thing.
Building a strong PageRank (PR) by getting good quality links coming
in to your site takes time, but it isn't going to eat a hole in your

You want to work on raising your site's PR to get "authority" with the
search engines. A site with "authority" gets better visibility in
search results. Really understanding the algorithm behind your site's
PR will likely have you reaching for a bottle of aspirin. In the
beginning, just concentrate on understanding the basics and how they
relate to your efforts to promote your site.

How Is PR Defined?

Google says PR is all about the "uniquely democratic nature of the
web" and "using its vast link structure as an indicator of an
individual page's value." Basically, a link from one page to another
is a vote for that page. However, not all votes in this democracy are
equal. Some votes come from higher-quality pages and are weighed more
heavily. (Other factors in determining PR include the relevance of
search phrases on a page and actual traffic to the page.)

How Is PageRank Expressed?

PR values are expressed on a scale of 0 to 10. Sites from 0 to 2 are
probably pretty new to the Web and have few incoming links. Sites that
have made it to PR3 to PR5 are fairly well established; PR6 and above
are really popular and have a lot of high-quality links. There are
very few sites that make it to the PR7 to PR10 range.

The ones that are ranked that high are usually owned by big
corporations or major media outlets like the Wall Street Journal
(PR8). Improving your site's PR by getting relevant, high-quality,
incoming links is one of the most affordable SEO methods at your
disposal. Rather than trying to get to a specific number, just
concentrate on improving your number.

Is My Site's Homepage The Only Page With PR?

No, each page in your site will be assigned a PR, something that is
emphasized in marketing coaching as a valuable tool. You can use
relevant interlinking to distribute PR throughout all your pages.

Huh? Well, just hang on to that thought for a minute. For right now,
just understand the concept that some pages in your site may earn a
higher PR than others, and that you can use that to your advantage.

PageRank Passes From One Page To Another

Here's how it works. A page with a high PR passes some of its value to
a low PR page over a link. You can use this to promote your site in a
couple of ways. When your site's pages are interlinked in a relevant
way, PR gets distributed more evenly throughout the site. Also, you
can "court" relevant sites that belong to other people through your
link-building campaign. This is really how your site starts to gain

Start By Building Your Index Page's PR

Generally, marketing coaches will tell you to begin by working on your
home page's PR. This can be time-consuming, and not just because
you'll be building relationships with other site owners. You have to
do your time in what's popularly called the Google "sandbox." This
just means that new sites like yours probably won't get any PR at all
for the first few months you're on the Web.

How Do I Check My PR?

There are a number of free, online tools for checking PR including
PRChecker and SearchStatus. At PRChecker you type in a page's URL to
see its PR. SearchStatus is a FireFox extension that shows a site's PR
at the bottom of your browser. (It also shows your site's Alexa
rating, another method to measure online "importance.") You can also
install the Google Toolbar for Firefox or Internet Explorer and enable
the PageRank function.

Is Building My PR All I Need To Do?

A marketing coach will tell you that having a strong PR is only one
part of your SEO campaign. For instance, say you're looking around for
a site to link to yours. You find one with a high PR, but it's a site
that sells links. Move on. Their high PR number doesn't do you any
good because a link from that site to yours will have a lower quality
and will pass less authority to you.

Understanding the basics of PageRank is essential in putting together
a high-quality link-building campaign for your site, but don't get
fixated on the PR number and ignore other important facts. Just gain a
basic understanding of what PR is and how it functions and use that to
your advantage in building a reputation of authority for your site.

About The Author
Marketing online since 2004, Paul Marshall can help you market on a
realistic budget. You can learn about his professional Internet
Marketing Coaching and Consulting Services on his home page:


Irrelevant ads or public service ads (PSAs) ,copas!

Here tips from Google Adsense that copied from mail.Hope its usefull.
Last week, we took a closer look at implementing your ad code, and
today, we'll address some of the common issues related to ad targeting.

If you're seeing irrelevant ads or public service ads (PSAs) on your
pages after you've pasted the ad code into your HTML source code and
waited the recommended 48 hrs, here are a things to check:

- Have you placed the AdSense ad code in frames separate from the main
content of your website? If so, you may experience ad targeting issues.
In order for our crawlers to match the ads to the content of your
website, it is important to place the ad code in the same frame as the
main content of your webste. If you're familiar with HTML, and your
website is talking about several different topics you could also
consider implementing section targeting on your site to highlight
relevant content.
- Do you have mostly dynamic content on your site? Our crawlers
currently can't derive meaning from these types of files:
- audio and video files (.wma, .mpeg, .mov)
- mp3 files (.mp3)
- images (.jpeg, .bmp)
- Macromedia Flash movies
- Java Applets

To receive more relevant ads, we recommend including plenty of
text-based content on your site, including complete sentences and
- Do your pages use session IDs? A session ID is a piece of data serves
as a unique identifier for a session. If your pages use session IDs,
you may not receive targeted ads on those pages. Since this session ID
- and therefore the URL - changes every time a different user views a
page, the URL will not be indexed and will need to be crawled from
scratch. Once the URL is crawled, however, the session will most likely
have expired. This means that pages seen by the users are rarely in the
index. You'll need to remove the session IDs in order to show more
targeted ads to your users.We hope these tips help you resolve any
targeting issues you experience with your ads. Next week, we'll take a
look at some other reasons why you may see irrelevant ads or PSAs on
your site, and how you can best resolve them.

Posted by Ulrike Jung - Inside AdSense Team

Posted By Inside AdSense Team to Inside AdSense
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comment on this post? Visit .

For more options, visit this group at



Project Titan from Facebook

Facebook in the near future will change the system message be webmail service.
Hopefully these web applications can beat Gmail ,that was already popular.
Like Gmail,access to POP/IMAP will accompany the application,call Project Titan,so that users can access the facebook email from various software and handheld device.
For email adress is expected to use ''
However there has been no official word,when these service could be used


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