YouTube dressing

YouTube dressing. To make it more appealing, a video sharing site owned by Google is releasing substantial design changes, which aims to create a cozy view of the user.

YouTube engineers say they modify the site by studying the habits of people in accessing YouTube. Some features changed much more simple. The new design was tested since January on 10 percent of YouTube users, but only officially launched today to all users.

One feature that is removed is fun user ranking on a previous video that uses the sign of 5 stars. This time, there are only two thumb marks 'like' and 'dislike' below video.

Also there is a change when I saw the video. Users now can only choose the size of the video only and video quality is automatically determined by YouTube. Whereas the recommended video list on the right screen, longer than the previous.

Currently, each user on average saw a video over 15 minutes per day on YouTube. YouTube Party apparently wants to extend the duration so as to make new designs to make accessed more at home.

According to Shiva Rajaraman, Senior Product Manager for Google, that goal can be attained with the YouTube web pages simpler.

"We're trying to gather information in one place and hide the things that are less important


Finally, Google can focus to make the Buzz a threat to Twitter and Facebook.

In an effort to address mounting criticism about privacy issues in Google's Buzz, the search engine giant will ask the user to confirm Buzz or change their privacy settings tomorrow.

In a statement which will be announced soon, Google will recognize that they are not doing things properly. As a result, a number of improvements privacy issues arise since Buzz was launched.

However, many users are not affected by this change because they do not activate Google Buzz privacy issues before the update was presented.

To fix the above problem, tomorrow Google will ask the user to confirm Buzz or alter Google's Buzz. Improvements will be presented in stages starting tomorrow, but all users will eventually be redirected to a confirmation page when they went into the Buzz.

Although Buzz settings page is not a new page, but by asking the user to change the privacy settings, Google has made the right step. Users will know that they can actually make the changes.

In addition, although the steps that Google do not improve the image of Buzz is already damaged in the eyes of some users, at least this will reduce the criticism that appears. After that, Google can focus on the larger problem, namely making Buzz a threat to Twitter and Facebook.


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