Opera 10,with Opera Turbo

Opera Software released the final version of Opera 10, dated September 1,2009.Opera Software claims that the Opera 10 comes with new features and innovative interface more attractive.
Opera Turbo is one of the newest innovation and are highly favored features, .beside the user interface more attractive and the third is the tab browsing facility that's better.
  If you are an internet user, who often traveled, and rely on 3G card for your notebook, you can rely on Turbo Opera. With the browsing speed will increase sharply, especially if the Wifi connection is slow, turn on Turbo to browse the Web with broadband access using speed. Opera Turbo will detect the internet connection speed.
Once you turn on Turbo , Web pages are directly compressed.
In experiments in Opera laboratory , Opera Turbo feature can provide speeds up to 8-fold, while browsing the internet on a slow connection compared with other browsers
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