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OBAMA:From Indonesia to be First Man in USA

20 january 2009 will be a history lesson for the United States in
particular, and the world. Today, the Barack Hussein Obama as
president will be appointed to the 44 AS.Indonesia also concerned
because the first black president elected in the country once the U.S.
is in primary education 01 Menteng, Besuki street, Central Jakarta
.Only a few years, little Obama ever lived in Indonesia.He start a
primary school student in the class III 01 Menteng on 1970.In the year
1972 or when sitting in class V.
Barry, calls when he litte, moving to Hawaii, where Obama was born on
4 August 1961.Obama was born in Queenis Medical Center in Honolulu,
Hawaii,his father economist graduate from Havard, Barack Hussein Obama
Sr,the Kenya, and his mother, Ann Dunham of Wichita, Kansas. When
Obama was born, her parents are students at the East-West Center in
Hawaii Univesitas at Manoa.When the age of two years, her parents
divorce.His Father return to Kenya, and died on 1982.Ann Dunham
married again with Lolo Soetoro(died
on march 2,1993)..also a student East-West Center (MA Geography 1962)
from Indonesia.His family then moved to Jakarta, where Obama
step-sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng, borned.When aged 10 years, Obama back to
Hawaii and in the foster grandfather and grandmother (Madelyn Dunham)
and then by his mother for more better education .Obama incoming class
V at Punahou School. See that, there is one of Indonesia were
invited to witness Menteng-boy, became president replaces George Bush
One person that get oportunity is Lia alias Mbak Non (51) Obama
foster sister when he lived in Menteng.With her husband Ibnu Sobah
(58) who lived in the village Sukasirna, Babakan village, Banten RT 3
RW 9, Cibadak, Sukabumi.They recollected memories of Barry as from
Tana Toraja, Bali, and the cup joy when Barry lived on Menteng.And
also a doll that has been aged 28 years given by Barry in the Airport
Hawaii, before returning to Indonesia .So Congratulation Menteng-Boy
to be President of USA


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