Pay $ 2 ,to be highlight on Facebook

Facebook started to charge for specific posts. This is a test carried out the social networking giant in New Zealand. Postings such as what is charged? Simply put, this system allows users to make their posts stand out and attract the attention of Facebook. such as advertisements, and users will be charged for display. Mia Garlick Facebook spokesman confirmed, this idea is still a new test and tested in New Zealand. The fees charged range from $ 2. Devoted to the promotion posts will be displayed with a yellow background. The method of payment made ​​through credit card or PayPal service.

As more and more users sign up on Facebook, the popular social networking has to be sought in various ways when it will make a post stood out. New algorithm Facebook, promote the fishing update the comment or 'like'. Step for me monetize all the social networking potential that was deliberately made ​​up to attract potential investors ahead of its first stock offering (initial public offering / IPO) on 18 May. Facebook realized only 12% of my friends on Facebook who pay attention to regular status updates. Thus arose the idea was to create a special room paid for anyone who wants any of his post for a headline, of course with a fee. This feature alone is still in trial and is still free. But later, by paying USD 2 each time the post, then post that will appear highlighted at the top of the news feed, and remained visible for a long time in all the main pages of his friends


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